Types of Skirting

Metal Skirting

When some people think of mobile homes they get a picture in their head of a all metal house with no shutters and a small wodden deck. Part of this is true the part about a all metal home. The reason for this is that when mobile homes were first being manufactured they were being covered with metal sheets.

However today’s metal skirting deserves another look. Unlike skirting of years past, galvanized metal is now available in many different colors and shapes. With proper insulation metal skirting has many definite advantages. For instance it is much more rigid than vinyl. Metal skirting is basically maintenance free unlike thermal. Most important will not blow off and can be easily insulated. Not to mention it will look great for years to come. It seals the under-part of the home against rodents and the cost of the materials is not any greater than that of other skirting options.

Wood Skirting

Next in the evolution of skirting came wood skirting which was a huge disaster but fortunitly short lived. The object was to give the feel of a warmer looking house. It was a great idea however as customers soon came to find out replacement was very expensive and labor intensive. Wooden skirting even though it was pressure treated still absorbed water and need frequent replacement.

Fiberglass Skirting

This alternative to metal and wood skirting offers many benefits. Fiberglass skirting will not rust and it’s lighter than metal or wood making it easy to handle and more economical to purchase. Fiberglass skirting is much more durable than galvanized metal, wood and vinyl pre-made skirting. Metal skirting’s are subject to rust, while vinyl and wood skirting can be damaged by the sun. Pre-made skirting is also very light and can suffer wind damage. Fiberglass skirting is available in a smooth finish or various textured finishes and can be flat or corrugated to meet your needs. Most places can color match any color to meet your needs. Fiberglass skirting is much more durable because it is a heavier more fixed skirting. It also helps to keep the mobile home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. So if you are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to repair or just update your mobile home look into fiberglass skirting.