Simulated Skirting

Simulated skirting is reletively new looking in the mobile/modular home industry. It has only been around for about 10 -15 years. This is a beautiful upgrade to any home to personalize and individualize. Some of the features and benefits of simulated skirting:

Simulated Rock Skirting

Constructed in vinyl. Designed not to dent, scratch or peel and is Flame retardant. This system is very resistant to all types of weather. Easy to maintain. No worry about rust or corrosion of any type. Easily cleaned with Soap and Water. This comes in many different colors to accent your home. Instullation for simulated rock skirting is the same as traditional vinyl skirting.

Simulated Brick Skirting

Simulated Brick Skirting offers all the advantages of brick without the high cost and labor. Positive panel interlocking system insures easy installation. Panels are made from high quality, heavy duty materials to provide the authentic brick look. Availiable is many different colors of brick will make any home feel a little warmer and welcoming.

Simulated Stone Skirting

Have you ever looked at your house and wanted to give it a more unique look. Maybe something from the Southwest or even a ranch style look to your home. Simulated stone skirting give you all of this at a fraction of the cost and easy instullation. Designed with a realism in mind stone skirting is sure to give any home a distinct look.

Simulated Stacked Stone Skirting

Achieve a stately look and timeless appeal with simulated stacked stone a cost-effective alternative for mobile home skirting. These authentic stone replica adds virtual panels that are currently available in 5 different colors Sierra Brown, Granite Grey, Desert Sunset, Ivory and Sandstone. This new type of intenance curb appeal panelings are constructed with a mineral filled polypropylene composite material. What does this mean to you. It means that they are made with real rock to give the upmost appearence of stone without have to lift and place each stone yourself.