Mobile Home Skirting

Mobile Home Skirting is one of the most important purchases for your mobile/modular home. It protects against the elements as well as giving your home a particular look. Here are a few basic types of mobile home skirting that you might be interested in purchasing for you home.

Deluxe Vinyl Skirting

Deluxe panels are meant to be cut down into smaller pieces that stand inside the ground channel and rest inside the top trim. Tin snips are ideal for cutting these panels. Ground Spikes are recommend for installation over soil. Liquid adhesive is recommended for installation of ground channel over concrete or asphalt surfaces. Hex Head screws are recommended for securing the panel to the ground channel. Wind Stay Rods are used to secure the panel to the top trim where seasonal ground changes and high winds are a concern. Panels should also be notched with a punch tool to help secure the panel at the top and the bottom. Vinyl Skirting usually comes it 4 types of colors white, gray, sand and tan. Easy to maintain and keep clean. You simply use soap and water to clean off.

T-Lok Skirting

This gives the similar appearance of vinyl skirting with a few extra feartures. First they are made of a thicker material for more durability. Second these are more appealing to consumers because they come in more colors than vinyl skirting. Third they have a over laping system to make for less chance of water flowing under your home. Last but not least the price on this type of skirting is very similiar to traditional vinyl skirting.

Skirting Accessories

Skirt Guards

This is a one of a kind product that is designed to protect your mobile home skirting. Skirt guards are attached to the bottom of your exsisting skirting and protects it from flying rocks from lawn mowers and the plastic blades from weed wackers. They are a nice addition to any home and is an inexpensive way to protect the largest investment you have.

Skirting Access Door

When having a mobile/modular home you have to leave yourself access to the underpart of your home. If the pipes leak or the insulation needs replacing or that you are using it for extra storage you need easy access to it. What better way to accomplish this than to have a skirting access door. This accessory blends in with the already exsisting skirting on your home. They come is all sizes and demintions.